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He travels down to her office occasionally, he lives and works about 100 miles away. She starts telling me how he is the one who said to her “if you dont like yourself, you are the only one who can change that”, about 6 months ago, and this lead to the running, etc. Then she says “hes actually in the office today!”, and I said “he has helped you so much, please go over and give him a huge kiss from me !, and can you have coffee, lunch, meet him after work?”
She was a bit taken aback, but she did meet him for a coffee, and she said she made sure show her cleavage when she bent down to put her bag down, and he had a good look!

In bed, at home, she told me all about this man, and why he “ticked all her boxes”. He’s married, and he and my wife are both attracted to each other, but didnt pursue anything because of me, and of course, his wife. Though, from what she told me, he and his wife may have an “open” type of arrangement. I said to her, if his wife is ok with it, you have my full permission to “jump his bones - Why wait till I die !!???”. I tried to get from her, a fantasy or 2 about her and this man, but she only said “I can do fantasies, but not with names of people attached”, so I let her share her anonymous fantasies. We were hot for each other!! We did it all over the house, even in my log cabin outside, and we were on a roll.

We went out for coffee at the mall, and I was perving over the women, and having such fun telling my wife what I’d like to do with the beautiful ladies!! She was enjoying wearing thongs, low cut blouses, and getting the attention from the men!! She even squatted down in the supermarket in such a way that the young guys packing the shelves, could see her panties, legs and everything! She loved it, I loved it, - at home we were rattling each other silly in bed! Like I say, 3 or 4 times a day!!!
Around this time she told me “I love sex so much, I wish I’d had more experience before getting married!” , and I said “have fun now, dont let me stop you!”

Then it sort of came to a halt. A few things happened at the same time.
1) Out of the blue she said to me “I signed up for marriage, and I could never sleep with another person, I would be committing infidelity”.
2) We were discussing another topic and she blurted out “anyone having sex before marriage is immoral”
3) when I said, “but if consenting adults agree to have fun in the bedroom, then whats wrong with that?” - she said “they’re damaging themselves”
4) I ventured “and if a couple decide to let a 3rd person in, and everyone knows whats going on, wheres the harm?” - and she replied “those people are selfish!” - I didnt have the presence of mind to say “I think theyre GENEROUS, by loving more than one”, but I did say “maybe selfish is trying to make a person love only one other person”.

It didnt go down well.
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