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Default About Me and our situation

Hello everyone, I am so happy to have found this forum. For as long as I can remember, back when I was a child/teen. I can remember situations even as a child playing truth or dare, or relationships that I was curious about even as a teen that polyamorous is how I can best describe myself.
Actually, I never knew that polyamory was how to describe my interests. I never knew exactly what I was always hoping for. I always just thought I was bi but married to a wonderful man (I am female, age 35) and hoped to find a woman to share or be with as long as my husband was okay with it. Over years and years of communicating with my husband, even prior to marriage I still didn't know it was this lifestyle, I was also confusing this to swinging. I now know from this forum that swinging is not what I am looking for and not what my husband would be interested in either. I also learned that we don't want a woman for a one night stand etc. My husband is not considered poly but I am. He is however slowly working on and ok with learning about my desires but has certain issues that he is also wanting to work things out for my sake and for our marriage. I am very lucky. He's excited with the fact of allowing me to have a woman in our relationship, but is not sure he would be ok with actually sharing her with me (he doesn't think he could ever have a sexual relationship with another woman) even though that would be awesome for me. Also he isn't sure with having me be alone with the other woman w/o him being there.
Basically, what I am here for is to find out more on how to make it work in our marriage and how to express or explain my emotions along with possible upcoming issues... I don't know, everything and anything and thanks in advance for helping and leading me in the right direction.
I am extremely happily married for near 7 years and been with him for nearly 9 years. We share two children, daughter- 13 years old (my hubby adopted her 3yrs ago) and son that is 4 years old. I really can't ask for a better husband and everyone we know (our circles of friends) all are envious of our relationship/marriage.
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