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Still no change in Mono's apartment being fixed up. That is all I have to say on that

Life is humming along nicely. I have been really busy with singing and burlesque stuff and enjoying it all. I have a number coming up with a dance troupe which is proving to be really fun to practice. The next show is a Halloween theme... my favourite! Excited!

Mono and I will celebrate his birthday soon at my parents house on a neighbouring island.. I remember writing here about thinking I would never go their again and how we lost the right to share the experience of building it with them... now Mono and I are going there alone with their blessing. How things change.

PN is in a dating mood so we are all waiting anxiously to see who comes out of the woodwork and possibly into our lives. I too have decided to go back out there and see who comes up for possible friendship. Should be interesting

I'm totally chopped liver around here these days with Mono living with us. I am at the way end of the totem pole of who LB wants to hang with. When he gets sleepy and needs a cuddle he emerges and is by my side looking for mumma's attention. Still my little boy after all I love watching all my guys.

Derby's birthday today and our women's group. Should be fun... I hope she likes the cake I just made

Leo is working on creating a business and doesn't have much time for me lately. I have backed right off of texting, making dates etc... interesting how he texts me more now and asks when we will see each other now that I am not as readily available.

all smiles these days, even if life is hectic and full.
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