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Originally Posted by MichelleZed View Post
No, I wouldn't call an old-fashioned couple game players. They legitimately thought that the woman was inferior in intellect and ability to the man. I would call that misogyny.
OK, well, there might have been plenty of evidence the woman was the man's intellectual equal or better, but they behaved as if this wasn't true, because the Bible said (in the first few verses of Genesis, and backed up elsewhere) woman was made to serve and obey the man, and be submissive to his will and direction. Even if they both know he's a cute well meaning (or not so well meaning) dunderhead and she's got an IQ of 140.

My impression of modern D/s couples is that they don't think one partner is inferior than the other. They take on these roles because they like them, find them comforting, get off on them, etc. and decide together to embark on the D/s dynamic, knowing they are equal partners in the relationship.
Right. So, it's not a game. It's a legitimate relationship dynamic.

And even if you're a "just in the bedroom" BDSMer, or "just at play parties," it doesn't need to be seen as a game. It might be seen as just fun to some. It might be a genuine need or desire, that makes one feel complete, fulfilled and whole, to others. Savvy?
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