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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
24/7 power exchange isn't a game.

Would you call a traditional MF couple, like from olden days up to the mid 1960s, where the wife has promised to "obey" her husband and defer to his final decision, game players? Or just following what they think is the proper, even Biblical template?

Ds is kind of like that, only spelled out, not as God's plan, but as a choice made by 2 empowered loving rational beings. (And of course, the sub can be male and the Domme female.) BDSMers, like poly people, seem to be forced to have more insight into themselves and their relationships than mono MF couples.

Comparing the dynamics of a loving relationship to a hobby seems just a bit dismissive. Calling it just "fun" is kinda ridiculous, imo.
No, I wouldn't call an old-fashioned couple game players. They legitimately thought that the woman was inferior in intellect and ability to the man. I would call that misogyny.

My impression of modern D/s couples is that they don't think one partner is inferior than the other. They take on these roles because they like them, find them comforting, get off on them, etc. and decide together to embark on the D/s dynamic, knowing they are equal partners in the relationship.
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