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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
Originally wanted to go to a sex therapist, (we actually know one), but wife refused :-(
Gosh, a prudish fundie and an open minded horny atheist. Recipe for disaster!

Yeah, its temporary, though. Today she was disapointed that an acquaintance didnt invite her to an Ann Summers party. So, she still interested
I don't know who Ann Summers is. Do you mean she was wanting a male acquaintance to invite her to a party (just her, not with her husband)??

Yeah, and I know its ME thats changed. When we met 13 years ago, I viewed the church as a harmless social club. But over the years Ive changed my view. This is another reason I suggested therapy, I wanted to get some help on what *I* could do to find a way co-exist with, what I feel, is the church running (and ruining) our lives.

I know one option is to leave, of course, but we have a 7 year old little boy, who I love sooooooo much!!! And we do have fun together as a family. I cant very well just pack up and go?
Hmmm... people do change and grow apart. I am the poster child for that. Met my ex at age 19 (him 21), lived together for 3 yrs, got married, separated after 30 years and 3 kids. We share spiritual and political beliefs, but grew apart in many other ways (I feel I grew more, gave more, and he stagnated in his neuroses [and our marriage counselor agreed!]).

I did kinda stick it out the last 10 yrs with him "for the kids" and for monetary reasons. I was a fulltime, homeschooling mom, we had a nice big house and yard, he made good money. So, I waited to break up til our kids were late teens/early 20s. Now I sometimes regret holding on those last 10 years though.
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