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yeah sorry about the double post. I posted the first time but i thought it didnt work, so I did this one. I thought this was an introduction. I read the "how to write an introduction" on here and just followed that, talk a bit about myself and then what im looking for. Also im realy not good with all these terms so Im not sure what kind of relationship its called but I want to meet a woman who can be with me and my husband seperately AND together. Im ok with starting with a sexual relationship but ultimately im hopeing for it to be more serious and long term. of course if someones looking for something not serious id be willing to give it a try that way im not so new to it. Me having such little experience in this makes me nervous and shy. Also, my children are the most important thing to my in the world so I dont want to have someone else move in if its not serious just in caase it ends or goes badly and hurts the kids.

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