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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
Me too ! You might be happy to know that, based on detailed comparative research, although women-only couples do report less frequent instances of sexual contact than either man-woman couples or men-only couples, they come more frequently during sexual encounters and report higher overall satisfaction levels with their sex lives than either of two comparison groups. The early studies reporting LBD were very focused on counting the frequencies of sexual contact, whereas if we take Kinsey's original definition of sex as "touching that leads to sexual release", women-only couples have more sex than others !
Thanks for detailing the male-skewed stats! OK, so say a MF couple has sex 3 times a week. That's 3 Os for the guy, however many for the woman. However, a FF couple has sex once a week, with 5 Os for each girl. They've had "more" sex than the het guy (but maybe less than the F in the MF couple, if she had at least 2 Os per session)? hehe. Cool.

My case is complicated because miss pixi is a (pre-op) transwoman. (We are a rare breed, cis-gendered [gender-queer] woman with a MtF woman.) Once in a while, during a session she may cum (without an emission), and then cum again later and squirt. Usually she just cums once, but before cumming, seems to get more all-over body pleasure, as a woman would as compared to a man, before actually cumming.

Our stretches of no sex seem to come from her anxiety issues. When something new crops up in her life, good or bad, it consumes her energy for a week or 3, and she loses her sex drive. I always panic (LBD!! Oh noes!!!), but then she sorts her issues out and always comes around again, to almost daily sex. I've been training myself to expect these dry patches and learn how to cope without panicking and loss of self esteem from feeling non-desirable when they happen.

Statistics aside, as the OP said, when the sex happens, it's fan-tastic. I think this a rather general mismatch of libidos question that mono couples face all the time - after all, in mono relationships the less interested party can still wank or consume porn and spend their energies there.
Of course there is hetero bed death as well!

Back to the OP:

If you have to travel for work, OP, maybe it's time to consider some downshifting?
If possible?
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