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Default how important is it that everyone be friends?

i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how necessary it is to have a friendship with your loves other loves, or just to be friendly. I've been dating someone for at short while, and i had an initial understanding that their primary relationship was an happy poly one. I hoped to develop a friendship with his g/f, & began to initially, however it seems now that she is actually mono & not really at peace with their whole situation or relationship and this has lead to a whole heap of dramas. (which seem to flow into my headspace) & this sparks all sorts of guilt for me also as i feel that my relationship is hurting her. I feel torn because i have lots of love & compassion for her and almost feel a nurturing instinct toward her, but i also care very much for the person i am seeing-and he means far too much to me that i want to continue seeing him regardless of his g/f's issues. Is this heartless of me? Should i try to be friends with his g/f or just give her space? Any advice around this appreciated. Thanks.
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