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Originally Posted by Gypsystarrs View Post
S and I are a lesbian couple that have been together for four years.

I travel and am not home a and rarely two weeks out of any 3 month time period.

She has a low libido and has made no secret of that since the beginning of our relationship. Mine is "normal" to high. She says she only has so many libidinous chips to spend. Okay. Get that.

What I don't get is why she and I don't have sex on the rare occasions when I am home but she has enough chips to spend on her the guy that she's seeing. Everytime they've seen each other they fuck.

She says she cannot see why I'm upset or hurt that she and I don't have sex or make love or fuck when I am home.
Quoting your OP again.

Gosh, I just want to say, lesbian bed death (with you) and NRE (with him).

I don't know if LBD is a myth or not... I've only been in my first lesbian relationship ever for 2 1/2 years now... but I am always wary of that happening!

You call the place you and S share "home," but if you're only home 1 week every 3 months, that's more like a long distance relationship. Add in she was never that horny to begin with... maybe a dose of testosterone has really got her motor running, however!
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