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All excellent points, JRM......thanks for the research, links, etc.....guess this is why the thought of swinging never appealed to me......not that it's wrong, it just never seemed like it could be a fulfilling experience deep down for me. So unlike our poly relationship among 3 very good friends developed over more than 20 years. I really feel that it has helped my relationship with my wife by re-opening our lines of communication, our love and even our friendship lately.

I didn't realize how much even our friendship had deteriorated over the last 10years! Adding our good friend as a 3rd to our lives has added so much to my appreciation of the subtleties of life, of love and the deep connections we all share. I feel like I've come alive again but with a million new nerve endings to feel, and appreciate who and what I have. It's so hard to explain to my wife how the connexion with our 3rd has deepened my love and connexion with her also. It is truly mystic.....and I never really used to believe that "new age" lingo.....but it is so true.

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