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To Michelle, thank you for the little reality check about the whole relationships not being so easy that it wouldn't be without hurt and pain, that part might have been ^^ a little bit over ambitious. I completely understand that is part of the dream, and that in reality there may be slight variations of the whole relationship.

I am planning to meet other poly couples, and have in fact been talking to a few. I really am not interested in joining into any of theirs, as I have specific attractions, and not that I am not willing to be open to change, there are just some thing I wont compromise of myself. I have, in fact, thought about the whole size of the relationship, and I don't say that this is a guideline, I just think it would be such a sweet dream to make reality, but I could in fact be happy in a monogamous relationship too, if it were the right person...but again these are just my wants and desires.
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