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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
I love it when 20 year olds say things like "all my life" and " when i was young".
Umm excuse me? Did you have anything useful to input to my post? Or were you just trying to express how you feel that you, with your valuable age experience, feel that you just had to say you love when 20 year olds say blah blah blah?

Yeah, I didn't think so. As for the fact that I said all my life? Indeed, that's all of my life? I am no older than 20 sooo, I can't see how that even needs a laugh? It is actually all of MY life.

And, when I was young, as in a child, I am now an adult, legally. I am not old, by any means, which I never stated, only that when I was young. You seem to have missed something here, which I will give you some benefit of the doubt and not call you some old school, 'I know everything because I have gone through some plus years', rude, unintelligent adult, BUT I'll only give you that doubt, since I don't personally know you.

Don't get all offended, but if you've actually looked into studies, the newer generations have actually been found to test with much higher intelligence, so I can say that I have, SINCE I WAS YOUNGER, been interested in the idea of a polyamorouos family. It doesn't matter that you think it's funny, because you had NOTHING to add to my post, only to laugh, or in other words to degrade, which I find it funny when older adults say crap like that.

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