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Both Sea and I are sitting here reading your post. Our hearts are breaking for you. Marriage is a huge committment. No... wearing a ring on your left hand doesn't automatically symbolize that committment, but damn if it isn't a reason you wear it. None of the three of us wear wedding bands. Sea and Tommy are married, but neither wear a ring. This summer we decided to have three rings, and our own vows. Those rings are worn on our right hands. Our claddagh's symbolize, love, loyality and friendship. This fall we had a really bad falling out, Tommy took off his ring. For him this ring we all share, was so much more then just friendship, love and loyalty.

Sweetie speaking here: If Sea and Tommy were to wear wedding rings, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If Tommy told Sea she had to take her ring off, because we are now a three... he wouldn't go to sleep and wake up. He wouldn't have to worry about Sea. He would have to worry about me. A wedding ring on your left hand is connected to your heart. It is a circle with no end. It symbolizes marriage. It's supposed to. The two of them wearing a ring on their left hand, takes nothing away from the rings we wear on the right. That's why we are a three. All three together. Loving each other. As a wedding ring shows love between a husband and wife, the claddagh we wear on the right, shows the love we share for each other.

Sea speaking here: Tommy and I haven't worn our wedding rings for many years. That says nothing for our love for each other. We know what our love for each other is, and a ring doesn't say it all. We have stopped wearing our rings for totally different reasons. (Weight lifting crushes them...etc) Our love is no less then it ever was. Our claddagh rings, on the other hand, don't mean any more or less to us, they have just taken us to a new chapter in our lives. Our love for one another (Tommy and I) has not diminished in any way. The rings between the three of us symbolizes the here and now, for me, the marriage vows have been superceded ( by choice ) We are three, plain and simple, we have three rings, three hearts, and now...three times the love!

Violet, you deserve to have your wedding ring, HMA is marrying you! If you want a ring that symbolizes your triad, then by all means you should have one, but that shouldn't take away from that ring that you wear on your left hand that is connected to your heart. A ring on the right hand, also connects to your heart, just by a different route!

Wearing it on your right takes away from no-one, it just shows the committment to all three.
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