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Originally Posted by River View Post
Yup! My two sweeties are VERY compatible with me in these fundamental ways. And I with them. There's no way I could be in a serious relationship with
a person who was wildly different from me regards religion or life philosophy. Some difference is both fine and good. Radical, wild difference, not good.
Yes, its really tough for me. She has people over regularly that share the christian views that I think are brainwashed into them. I have to sit around, and listen to their nonsense, and out of politeness (i'm really a nice guy ), I have to just remain silent.

Ive been getting better at being able to gently present a "different" viewpoint, without getting too outspoken, so thats good.

Being in the "think for yourself" camp, means, by its very nature, that others who think like me dont necessarliy attach ourselves to groups to have regular meetings
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