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I'm now far away - and many time zones apart - from rory and it's really hard to communicate. She wrote me all that stuff before she wrote it here. I can tell you it wasn't easy reading it. I didn't sleep well in two nights, because I wasn't able to talk to her. I wrote a reply but it was very emotional, just a burst of negative feelings. When we finally got to talk via skype, it was intense. There were some misunderstandings to be cleared but mostly we talked about my message where I wrote stuff I felt and rory read some of them as accusations so there was a lot to deal with.

I just felt so disappointed. Living together all four of us was my big dream. I know it was bigger for me than it was for anyone else. And now that dream is crushed and it hurts like hell. Even though I can intellectually understand Alec's point of view, it makes me really sad that he doesn't want to live with JJ and can't imagine thinking him as family.
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