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Originally Posted by Baernin View Post
It really is nice to meet someone who understands those kind of hangups. One of the hardest things is feeling like there isn't really anyone who understands or that my family would absolutely refuse to believe that my relationship could possibly be healthy if it involves more than one other person.
This is a very difficult thing to deal with. I have a relatively liberal family (mostly here in Califonia, you know, all us hippies :P) and I am pretty open about my lifestyle with those who accept it, but some others, like my step mom, it is better to not try and push the issue because it just makes her distraught. I know it is troubling not to have the support of the people you love. They probably worry about you (or would worry if they knew) because they have a set idea about what is right and wrong.

I am lucky to feel very strongly about my ideals so I can fight with confidence for what I believe to be right, but it is a different story when you are uncertain the correct path.
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