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It's a lovely dream, and I encourage you to work towards it.

I just want to make sure you've gotten a reality check, though. Most people's dreams include finding one person and settling down with them and having a happy life together. I still, however, have friends who are single and who haven't found that one person yet. Out of those that do find someone and settle down, their chances are about 50/50 that it'll go awry and the relationship will collapse.

Your fantasy includes finding four compatible people to "marry", all with the same wants, all at the same life stage.

Good luck.

Juggling those kind of numbers, it is much more likely that you might instead have people drifting in and out of your life, contributing to it, enriching it, then moving on.

Also, there is one "crazy" part of your dream:

We would never feel the common relationship issues, lonely or hurt.
Everyone feels those.
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