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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Regarding the D/s aspect, even people in 24/7 relationships need a safe space where they can step back from that dynamic and discuss things candidly as equals. Yes, I do believe in safewording for emotional/relational situations, not just sexual/physical ones. I think this is a big enough potential dealbreaker that you need to request that the two of step out of your D/s roles and work this out on egalitarian terms. Otherwise the power exchange might keep getting in the way of you really expressing what you need and her really hearing it.
Just makes me wonder what the purpose and benefit of a D/s power exchange really is. It bewilders me that anyone would find it life-affirming and healing in any way. I can see it if it's just some fun in the bedroom, but 24/7 and having to step out of a role to just to communicate like equals... simply... boggles... my mind! I think I'm gonna have to make a documentary about it just to learn more.

Sorry for the tangent.
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