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Red face Am I Just Crazy???

For as long as I can remember, I've been attracted to both men and women, on the occasion it's even been an attraction to those in between. I'm a very open to all shapes and sizes in general, though I have some specific attractions of course. Well, ever since I was young, I've never seen myself growing up with what people would call the typical, 'happy, perfect family'.
You see, I'm very interested in cultures, languages, travel of the world. I am actually going to school to become a foreign language teacher. I am hoping that those pursuits are successful, and I am pretty sure I have all the capabilities to achieve my goals.

I am still young, yes, at 20 and have already set out my goals, and how I would like my life to be in the future. I want to have a family, a big, huge happy family. I could see some people disagreeing with my wants, and even frowning upon them. You see, I have a desire, for a poly-amorous family.

I've always thought, what a beautiful thing would it be, for me to have a family of two husbands, and two or three wives. We could all go to some exotic country, have a big, huge, beautiful home. We would have to feel attraction, and love for each all. I'd thought of specific races, though that isn't important, but I just thought to be a huge multi-cultural home. I know, it sounds a bit out there, but it's a dream of mine. Two daddies, three mommies, children that couldn't be more loved. We'd travel the world together, and there would be no pain or distance between us. We would never feel the common relationship issues, lonely or hurt.

If one of us ended up not able to have children physically, then we could still be able to experience parenthood. Or if one of us is going through trouble with school, we would all be there for support.

Of course the sexual aspects are there as well, we'd have amazing fun there as well, and that is just a small fragment.

So....I guess the point of this post is that I am just wondering if I am a bit insane for this sort of dream? I don't dream of just the sexual aspects, it's the emotional parts that attract me. To have so much love, so much connection, and to feel that we are all equal in a relationship.

I am a college student myself, and though people say usually, that my dreams will eventually change, but the truth is, all of my goals did change, except for this. I really wouldn't know how to go about this, to make it become a reality, but it just seems so beautiful to see in my mind. We would never be alone, should we have husbands that travel a lot, we would never be without friends in our journeys. Growing old together.


I feel a bit crazy...but I can't help but want this so deeply inside. How could it even happen though? I know the legal parts, that polygamy isn't really practiced much in the world anymore, so I couldn't have a legal wedding with our family, but we could still do a ceremony in a way. On some beach, together, or just see that it doesn't really matter who's on the marriage certificate. Okay, okay I'm going on and on. My point is coming across just fine.

So, do you think this is crazy??

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