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Do you remember several years ago Jerry Lewis was doing his annual telethon and because of some medical issue he had at the time his head looked like it was going to explode.....really hard not to notice ...right. I mentioned the weight as a possible explanation for the change in the fragrance.

I noticed the perfume because it was an assault on my sense of smell....and it seemed way off.... I haven't seen my sister since my mom's funeral but if she were to walk in my office today and give me a hug I'm sure the perfume she wears and can't afford would be very familiar to being linked with her.

I'd say she lost one kid and maybe ...maybe the one can really pin point where he is in this. As for me and the marriage she rejected no loss there....and now she has the complete freedom to build whatever life she wants.....lost a kid or 2 gained complete and ultimate freedom. Casey Anthony had to kill her kid to get that freedom.

Not eating right ....or eating everything. If I take her out for a meal she only wants to go buffets .....that's just a mean joke...we've only met at Starbucks for coffee.

My interest is much less than you may think.

I still want to know how neon knows the chemical make up of Bag Balm...Are you a dairy farmer ? ...a milkmaid perhaps?
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