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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Actually, no. At first I talked about the possibility of letting go of the idea of equal. Then the marriage was brought up again, at which point I pointed out another perspective around that. And those legalities aren't easily solved for everybody.
Yes and spoke about being Fair. Unfortunately, As you pointed out there is no fairness in the legal constitution that is marriage. Sucks but thats how it is. To me its a personal thing I guess. One commitment and One commitment. To Different Commitments BOTH very important. Not easy but when you make a commitment you do what you need to make it work. Big Picture. Life isn't always fair and equal. Nothing is. You do what works for you and those you love.

The SYMBOL of a wedding ring is important to some. Not all. I think its a personal thing. And I think that voicing those feelings to everyone involved and disscussing why its important to you is the best way to achieve balance.
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