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I`d give the benefit of the doubt, and lean towards a emotional disconnect, that affects the sex life.

With so much time spent apart, when you do come home, I am sure you two need to discuss all the going-on of the household and family, etc.
She also might have a resentment built up over time, about you being away from home so much. Many 'single spouse`s' start feeling like they have to deal with everything 'alone'.

This is typical relationship stuff, that she doesnt have to deal with, when she is around 'Mr. Fresh Penis'.

They dont 'share' a life, so he can dote on talking to her about her, and she about him, and thing leads to another. The personal connection builds, and her libido rises.

I like the idea of asking her what he does that helps her not feel pressure. I wouldn`t then try and copy that, but I would compare it to the differences in my own dynamic with her. Adjust accordingly. It might not hurt to tell her the demons in your head.
That you are scared. That you worry she prefers 'Mr.Fresh Penis' over 'Mz.Working Peach'.
Tell her you don`t want to think the worst of the situation, but you need help understanding. You need her to be very clear on how she feels. Nothing wishy-washy allowed.

Good Luck.
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