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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
if i made the promise to only remain friends with M and never more, i think i would be making a promise that i can't keep long term,

i was so unhappy for the year i cut M out and i was not a happy nice partner for montianboy, and so i made a choice and i am taking a risk,
i believe that montianboy and I are strong enough to get through this (we have been through far worse together and come out the other end)
but im not counting on it,
i have no idea where this path is going to lead me i am prepared for any outcome, i just have to have faith in what i have with montianboy and M and R,

on a positive note
we had a sort of date night tonight and it was lovley to spend time as a couple without talking about any of this and just enjoying being together

You missed my point, I think. lol But it's moot anyway. I'm glad you guys were able to have a nice date. Those are wonderful. There's so much drama in my life with HMA and Anne, it's AWESOME when any two of us, or all three of us can just get together and enjoy one another's company without worrying about it.

Here's to hoping you get through it!
"No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful."
-Marquis De Sade

"Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust.."
-Marquis De Sade
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