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B taught herself to read and write. She is a great artist as well. I chose the virtual school because she wants to be an Entomologist and they need a strong background in math and science and plus the curriculum is free through the school and to purchase it would cost about $1200 a year. Also, in Ohio, they require end of year testing for home schooled children to make sure they are at grade level and if they're not, you lose the right to home school.

This way, she is technically a public school student and they do their own testing and she can't be pulled from it unless she doesn't take the testing. We do know that we need to work on her test taking skills as she really hates to be timed but does fairly well if she doesn't know she is being timed. However, she is a ponderer and so timed tests tend to artificially lower her scores either way but if she knows it, it is way worse.

We will be going to pick up Bear's cremains tomorrow. I don't know how Q is going to process it as he heard me say that I will be picking up Bear's ashes and he thinks that I am bringing Bear back alive. I tried to explain it but he is only 3.
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