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Ah, OK. None of mine learned to really read til age 8 or 9, despite being bright. I know they could have learned to read earlier in school, but I didn't see the point of pushing it. I read to them a lot and we had a nice phonics program we worked on when they were in the mood. Once they were ready, they started reading at 6th-9th grade level. I saw it as a brain development thing. When it switched on, it was on all the way.

The kids never liked me doing formal math with them. When my girls applied to community college, they were weak in math, but just took a sort of remedial math class (one semester's work covering all of elementary and high school math), then Algebra, and had no issues.

Now at ages 25, 23 and 20, they are all into the arts (music and painting). My older daughter has studied Japanese in college and was told she was the teacher's best student ever. She is also into philosophy. My younger daughter can paint better than I can (and I went to art college). My son can play instruments, piano, drums, and is a technology whiz. He's also really good at juggling and doing voices and impressions, beat boxing, and singing.
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