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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Honestly ..Its because all your considering in that post are the legal remifications. Which as I pointed out can be very easily solved.
Actually, no. At first I talked about the possibility of letting go of the idea of equal. Then the marriage was brought up again, at which point I pointed out another perspective around that. And those legalities aren't easily solved for everybody.

Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
it comes to commitment and the symbol of said commitment, Legalities are irrelevent. Think of it from Vi's point of vew. HMA asked her to be his wife. Commitment number one. When they get married that commitment is replaced by the commitment they make in those vows. INSPITE of the LEGAL commitment they make an emotional commitment to each other. When you chose to have children with someone its a emotional and physical commitment for life. The big picture.

Again, I'm not downplaying any piece of the emotional commitment by talking about the legal issues. I'm also not dismissing Violet's point of view in this. Bringing up another side to it does not equal invalidating her side. That's part of looking at the big picture. And yes, legal commitment and emotional commitment are two different things, I've never disputed that. But try telling a same sex couple struggling in a system that doesn't allow them the privileges of marriage that the legalities are irrelevant. Looking at the big picture does not mean dismissing the little things that can be issues.
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