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reading over this post has given me a lot of insight into how other people are living this lifestyle, its really intresting so thankyou

I don't think that i want to close myself off into a polyfi relationship just now,
but that being said at the moment i am establishing my relationship with R and i want to concentrate on that without too much distraction,

in the mean time i am working things out with M as a friend, with clear bondarys that it does not get physical until we have managed to make Montianboy feel more secure and until he sorts himself out where he is at the moment,

in the future
i would love things to work out with R so that we could all live together as a kind of family,
i would also like M to be a part of my life but im not sure in what capacity that is going to take, all i know is that i have deep feelings for all 3 of these men,


from the other topic thats come up in this post
having financial ties etc to me does not make the relationship more important, but i can see why some people would, i just wouldn't consider those things when making a desision to stay or not because to me all that matters is if i still love that person, and if we are working as a couple.

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