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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
People come to the poly board to find some sort of basic acceptance of their non-monogamy, not more examples of hate.
I thought these fora were for discussing all aspects of polyamory. I had never thought of it as a place where we can or should hide from the rest of the world.

If this thread is offensive to bunches of folks here (speak up!), I will ask that it be removed.

Honestly, SourGirl, I was quite surprised at the extent of contempt for non-monogamy I saw in the link I provided. I saw hatred and utter dismissal, and it surprised me by its sort of torch bearing atmosphere. Perhaps you are right and we should not discuss such hatred here. Perhaps we ought to treat this place as a sanctuary from such views. I dunno. I have an activist bent. Always have, being an LGBT person. When folks hate me I want to educate them out of it. And I figure ignoring them won't work. But your concern is legitimate.

Votes? (informal votes, that is.) Should we can this thread? Yes or no?
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