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This sounds like my Leo! To the tee. He has told me he can not give me what I need. I need contact almost daily even a text daily. He will not do that. He doesn't want to. I asked for a biweekly date. Same, won't do it. I asked that he come to my shows, won't do it. Basically I have to settle for what he wants or end it. So I settled.

I see him once a month for a date, have no expectation that he be involved in my life any more than that, don't talk to him every day and have decided to move my attention elsewhere and find others that work better for me. I don't have to break up with him; we have a good time, why not keep at what we DO have.

I just choose to scale back and not be as available either. Interestingly I have heard from him more, have been asked when our dates are, where I wasn't asked at all before and he actually has told me he misses me.

Maybe you too need to sit down, take the emotional content out of it all and be specific about what his needs are; then your needs and see if you can find a balance. Maybe that will cause you some pain and hurt. Maybe you will have to scale back your feelings and keep them to your self more. If its worth it to you then do it and see where you get. Otherwise, move on.

The other thing is that perhaps there is pressure for him elsewhere in his life. Maybe wondering a bit more about that and really listening and empathizing would help you understand that you are not the center of his world right now and coming across as overly needy. If that is the case then you can adjust your behavior accordingly.
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