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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
A question for you: When he says that you are feeling more strongly for him than he is for you, do you think he is trying to tell you something? I would take that as an immediate red flag that he isn't all that into me. Perhaps I misunderstood your post?
I`d take that as him being pretty darn clear.

At OP :

You say he is 'assuming' things.

Yet, he makes it clear he needs space, and isn`t interested in discussing certain things. You feel a need to solve and figure things out. To communicate more often, and to have plans fixed more often.

It`s your actions that tell him you want more then he does. He is trying to be clear with his words and actions. Each time you want more from him then he can give, he tries to remind you where he is at.

He is getting pissy, because he doesn`t feel heard.
You are getting pissy because you don`t feel heard.

This is a area of incompatibility that won`t be solved by either of you trying to force the other one to their way.

Figure out what really matters to you,..the relationship you have with him, at 'whatever' level works, or a relationship in the style you desire.

Good Luck.
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