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Originally Posted by River View Post
As you said, her talk about "immoral" stems from her religious beliefs. Right?

Are you religious as well?

I suppose I'm something like a naturalistic buddhist. In my view, there is no God up in the sky looking down and frowning on us because we like to relish in intimacy and sexual pleasure. Perhaps you could ask her questions about her religious views around sexuality which might help her reconsider some of them? Maybe ask her if God dislikes sexual pleasure. If He does, well, you could ask why God then made us so dang horny/sexy to begin with. Stuff like that.

One often can't reason at all with people who adhere to strong religious convictions. >sigh<
Ive gone off the idea of religion completely I'm afraid, (its a long story, I could tell it if you like!) and you're right - I think thats where her attitude/s come from, shes a regular church go-er.
Ive tried to ask her about what exactly she believes / doesnt believe, but she's not ready for that - for example, I asked her if I'm really going to hell just for being born !!

No, I'm completely atheist - too me, most religions are superstitious nonsense.

And you're right - I struggle to reason with her on those topics.
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