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Pain during sex? Do you use lube?
"Lube" is not the be-all/end-all solution to vaginal pain during penetration. When I was on depo-provera, I got "vaginal atrophy" (aka tight, dry pussy - the muscles and tissues of the vagina lose their elasticity), which is a side-effect of the estrogen-progesterone imbalance artificially created by the drug. Vaginal atrophy is also common during early stages of menopause, I subsequently learned from my doctor. But of couorse when i called them about my complaint the first thing the nurse told me to do was go buy some lube at CVS. I was like, "Look, I've had a LOT of sex and I know ALL ABOUT using lube. That is not what this is. Give me an appointment.". Turns out there is a cream called "Estrace" that helps with this very problem. The OP's wife should look into this as a possible source of and solution to her discomfort.
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