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Talking Hi Yall :)

I am his1911's other half (better half, worse half, insaner half, equally crazy half or whichever way ya put it )

We're both very poly oriented, always have been (whether we knew it or not ) and have ventured into a poly relationship before (oh what a disaster that was! Our fault was making all the big mistakes). Its been 5 years since that, and while we've not been involved in any poly romantic relationships since then, theres been discussion here and then. We also went through some serious turmoils between a few years back and brought us to some serious realizations about ourselves, eachother and our life.

Ok, short rambling, my apologies

I'm never very good at these introduction things... so HI! Its me! Married to his1911, 2 kids, a gaggle of animals and living on a small farm running beef cows mostly and some chickens and my own dairy cow.

Yall can call me whatever.. Snowy, Nic.. either way suits me Glad to be able to join yalls community here. I've been reading a lot and think this is a great place with so much to offer. Thanks for having me!
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