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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post

So, sometimes, a person identifies as a "swinger" (like my wife and I did for a long time) yet lived as "poly".
I haven't been participating much for awhile but when this topic comes up in pulls me back in.

I am consistantly baffled by why people/public can't clearly get the difference between "swinging" and poly - and also that many people who self define (such as you two did) as 'swingers' often don't 'get it'.

A majority of people enjoy sex - including a little variety. A MINORITY of people can navigate any form of intimacy smoothly and an even smaller minority can imagine let alone navigate multiple intimacy. (the 'love part etc)

And why this seems so difficult to understand is simply beyond me...........

But most 'swingers' go in looking for sex and it's not long before the potential for intimacy rears it's head. Being unawares and unprepared just seems........I don't know.........extremely ignorant and naive in 2011 !


Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
I have found that the "poly" crowd, tends to look down their noses at "swingers", as if they were "dirty" or something. Seems kinda "elitist" to me, but eh...What do I know?
People often find some reason to "look down their nose" at others. It's part & parcel of having insecurities.
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