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I didn't read the whole thread-but wanted to answer your question Violet-from my perspective.

I wear more than one ring.

I have one, my engagement ring which is also Maca and I's son's birthstone. I won't remove it for anyone.

One that symbolizes my MARRIAGE AND LOVE and history (too full to elaborate) to/for/with Maca. I would NEVER remove it for another, even if he dies-it's MY RING and symbolizes a part of MY life and MY heart. It's not even HIS to say I must remove, if he divorces me I will continue to wear it and he can be damned. I love him even if he left me that won't change.

I also wear a ring for GreenGecko. It symbolizes my love for him and my memory of our lost child. I don't remove it for anyone either.

I wear a ring with my birthstone and my friend (male who is not my lover) S's birthstone as a memory/commitment to our 30+ year friendship. I don't remove it for ANYONE.

I wear my mothers ring which has my daughter, stepson, godson, son, youngest daughter, my own, Maca's and GreenGecko's birthstones on it.
It symbolizes my love and devotion to all of those people and I don't remove it for anyone either....

No offense HMA, but if Maca told me that I had to remove ANY of the rings that meant something to me I would tell him where to get off. I love him, but these are MY symbols and ways of holding true to myself, not his.

Maca wears one ring, our wedding ring. If he asked to wear one for someone else I might raise an eyebrow-but it's his hand. He plans to get the 3 geckos tattoo'd to his back (as does GreenGecko) as a symbol of their growth, learning and commitment to our family. At this point, I don't. But that's cool for them.

GreenGecko wears one ring right and two necklaces.

It's really a personal choice and decision. For financial purposes it might mean getting a cheaper ring or waiting longer for a second-but wedding rings aren't practical in the first place. They are symbolic. It's about comfort.

Maca wears his ring (as does GreenGecko) 24/7. I on the other hand only wear mine when I leave the house because my fingers swell.

Don't fight over impracticalities-if it means something to wear two, wear two. Not everyone has to!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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