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At the beginning of our V, I had NRE with my bf AND a renewed, crazy gratitude-love for my husband, for agreeing to it. I was walking on cloud nine! Even though it was an adjustment for my husband, there was no way he could deny me the happiness I was feeling. He couldn't help but feel compersion when he saw how giddy I was.

Naturally there were waves of jealousy that followed, which complicated things and often made for a nasty backlash. But we worked through that to reach another good place, again and again. We're still on the roller coaster (off topic from this post) but I just wanted to agree with NY and Mags -- NRE CAN "swing both ways." It did for me, anyway.

Glad you're here. Good support and lots of hope here, no need to feel tortured any longer. You are not alone. Welcome.
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