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I'm definately not "there" as in leaving.
Maca has progressed forward by leaps and bounds.
I don't really expect him to work miracles (sometimes HE thinks he should,but I don't).
I have noticed though that often if I WRITE something-it's easier for him (and sometimes others too) to process it and respond to it from a "right-minded place" instead of from a defensive and "wrong-minded" place.

When we talk person to person often we're too defensive (people in general) to actually LISTEN to the meaning behind the other persons words. We only hear the feelings of hurt or betrayal and we feel attacked.

At first Maca took this post to have been written in anger. When he found out it wasn't he had to rethink it a little.

I'm still madly in love with him and I'm learning just as much as he is-but expressing it here is safer for his fragile heart then if I first say it face to face. Gentle beginnings.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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