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Default thanks for the thoughts

A bit more info may help
She most always been more of a homebody. One of the things she loves about me is that I am pretty active and I like to meet new people, go to quiet parties, (I will go to the noisey ones but she hates it ). I tend to plan on a thing to do on the weekends, but I also try to make sure she has her own down time.

She also thinks of herself as lazy. Which is not in my dictionary. I don't accept her low opinion of herself and she is so much fun when she is not down on herself.

She had been treated for Depression (big D) but now it is more like depression like symtoms. She is trying some nutrients and she may also go to a behavior therapist.

I guess I have my hands full. But I am commited to making this work.

My biggest concern is that I left my ex after years of no sex. Now I find that I am on the higher end of sexual variety and my plan was to meet someone with whom I could enjoy the years we have left. Getting close to 60 so there's no knowing how long the fun could last, but it's a hell of a lot less than for a 40 YO.

I guess I need to have more of a talk with her.
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