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Originally Posted by Sunshinegrl View Post
Perhaps a Balance is what you striving for. Things should be balanced. That all envoled should have balance. I dont think that Things like taking off wedding rings.. A rg is a sign of commitment. Sure its fair for you to be married... You and HMA made the Choice to make that Commitment. Should you decide to make a simmilar/equivelant commitment to Anne in the future then Perhaps you can wear another ring or item to signify that? Seems fair to me.
The trouble is that with that kind of commitment, it also comes with a lot of privilege and legal rights that would not be afforded to the person who isn't in the marriage. I'm not saying this is Violet's specific situation, but if a third is joining a married couple in a lifetime commitment, is it fair for that person to have to give up their ability to have spousal benefits? Or to have the legal protections of marriage where kids are concerned?

I'm not saying there right and wrong answers to this, but there are certainly things to be considered.
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