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Originally Posted by liquidperfection View Post
I'm wondering if a third addition to our family (of 2) will be a good thing. We have some issues...
din ding ding. Those two sentences indicate to me right away that its likely not a good idea to involve another person in your life sexually in a triad situation. If your relationship is not stable it is likely going to become more unstable with another person added. More people does not make a foundation stronger if it is already crumbling in my opinion.

Originally Posted by liquidperfection View Post
She's also usually is very inactive during our play. She prefers to sit back and have me do all the work.
Has it always been like this? Is she generally an active person? If she isn't and used to be, it could be that she has not been getting out and exercising. Nothing like exercise and physical activity to get the body wanting MORE movement.

Either that or she is exhausted because she is over worked in some way... it would depend on the answer to the first question I asked really. That would give some indication of what could be going on...

Originally Posted by liquidperfection View Post
We always talk about finding a third woman. I'd love it and so would she. She feels like it would take off the pressure to have sex more often then she wants. But my concern is if we bring in another woman she will start to feel left out or inadequate...
yes, I agree. and you could also be filled with NRE for this person and want to indulge in her in every way too. Ya, I think I gave my thoughts after the first quote on this.
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