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My situation is, been married for 11 years. Always had an interest in what other people are doing in their bedrooms. Have read loads of forums about people cheating, swinging, bi-curios couples etc. I really liked the idea of exploring sexually, and then I found out what "hot wife" means. I could see how this can work, and I really really liked the idea of my wife perhaps taking a lover.

But, , shes a traditionalist, a church goer, and plays the "immoral" label for anyone who has sex before they are married even!

A friend of mine, who is far away,(and is also a friend of my wife's) started flirting with me on IM. "Finally", I thought "Someone who understands me!". We had lots of fun on the phone, its was phone f*cking actually. She suggested I try it with my wife.
I tried it, it worked and our sex life took off! - I really got excited when my wife said she fancied this guy at work. She was apologetic, but I kept insisting I was excited!! I'd stumbled on Poly and the book "Ethical slut" by now.
I really got excited when she said "if you werent around (meaning deceased!), I'd jump his bones!"
I took her in my arms, and I tried to tell her in the nicest possible way "I wish you 2 would find a hotel and go and bonk each others brains out!". She's known the man for a good few years, and they have a good friendship, and I hope to meet him when next hes in town.
Male M, struggling noob.
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