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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
Dude, i'm glad you dont take yourself 100%seriously. I like to pick things apart just for the hell of it. Ordinarily, the things you've said would come across as troll-ish, but you seem to be able to rock this Alpha-male persona so more power to you.
My forum style is to be a little troll-ish. Hope that's OK. I do my best to spark debate and having the "trolling" "add value." Let me know if I ever cross any lines, I don't have a problem "throttling back."

I've actually never really looked into the historical situations behind harems and oriental "Concubines of Ancient China". That's going to make for some interesting research!

From the article on concubines:
There’s a popular Chinese explanation why Chinese men need multiple women but women are expected to make do with just one man: ‘One teapot is usually accompanied by four cups. But have you ever seen one cup with four teapots?’
lol (Note: A sizable chunk of me is culturally Chinese/Taiwanese having spent my young adulthood there.)

Here's a nugget from my past to add to my perhaps some would see as "mixed up" world view. After being totally distressed about cheating on my wife (at the time) and having a couple girlfriends I asked my father how I should handle the situation (while briefly visiting the US). His response "Sometimes a guy needs 2 or 3 girlfriends, hell 5 or 6 even." lol That wasn't the advice I was looking for!
"Let your supreme goal be to make others happy in order to gain happiness for yourself." - Paramhansa Yogananda
"When doing good don't seek fame, when doing evil don't get caught." - Zhuangzi
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