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Originally Posted by miltownkid View Post
SHIT! Do you guys know of a chick offering a similar situation to guys?! I'll fucking move! lol *clear throat* :|
No,..I personally don`t know anyone that masochistic.

Originally Posted by miltownkid View Post
I think the sex thing is what throws so many people off. The situation isn't about the sex. It's about community. If I had different energies about me dudes would be welcome too! It's just that, I'm not paying for a place on the lake and having a dude live there! lol Wait wait... serious face... :|
No,..I don`t think it`s 'the sex'. Not everyone is a poly-purist. People like to fuck too.

Maybe the 'dudes' would be paying for the place too ? Maybe how to go about getting the dream-villa, is to start with three dudes. Now you got the bankroll needed.

Bring on da bitches ! Err, I mean wonderful feminine souls, who like to shop.

Originally Posted by miltownkid View Post
Anyhow, it was just a dream for fun. I wouldn't even attempt something like that until my pockets are REALLY deep otherwise I don't think it would be worth the time/effort.

It`s been fun playing. Happy dreaming. As for deep pockets, see my former boy-band statement.
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