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Was there a time, when she DID feel that way about you ?

Was she ever, at any point the type to be overcome with lust and love and desire ?

If so,...then maybe.

She has to be the one to decide to try and rekindle that spark though. If she has ANYTHING rolling around in the back of her head saying ,..'maybe'...then it is possible that somehow, she has emotionally steeled herself over the years.

What not to do ? Don`t constantly tell her you`ll do 'anything' to get back to how things were. She has to know and feel, that her emotions are directed by herself, not manipulated by someone else's good intentions.

This is very hard to do. To sit back and let the cards fall where they may. This does not mean sit on your ass though. Go out, and live honestly, and compassionately, but be your own person.

Things will go as they should.

Side note - If you are the good looking guy who sucks up female attention, and forgot about her in the past, she could be so entirely sick of your shit that it`s hard for her to find 'that feeling.' The type of person she is attracted to, might differ now with age and wisdom.
50/50 odds .
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