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Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
The thing is, i don't leave it to other people to determine who adds "value" to my life. I prefer to decide that for myself.
Me either! But I do delegate tasks, like, when I go to Mc Donalds and buy a Mc Double, pay to have my clothes washed or have volunteers run a website.

Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
And this bit about women " monitoring" each other for your benefit... Just too ridiculous for words.
No, they'd be monitoring me for their benefit. Monitoring me for my own benefit sounds ridiculous!

Originally Posted by NeonKaos View Post
So now that i know you're not joking i'll make sure i'm not either.
I'm sorry. Much of what I write is a joke and much is serious. I've gotten used to that being on the internet (because so much of it is a joke). I will, below, try to more seriously explain the situation.

Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
There was a user here by the name of 'Happiestmanalive' . I think he could mentor you. He was ( I think) the only male here, who was in relationships, with a house full of women. He could explain the headaches and the hard-ons.

Good luck !
To be honest I've been the "happiest man alive" for a long time now, but I'm certain I could learn something from someone being the "happiest man alive" in that fashion! Here's a more serious explanation.


:| <--- Serious face.

So I'm in a monogamous relationship right now. And it's awesome for where I currently am in life. I need to be focused on the (many) projects and startups I'm working on. Although if I sit back and look out a few month/years and see myself being as successful as I'd like to be I might want a different situation.

I have no problem finding AWESOME people to be monogamous with, the problem is when you have like lets say 5 awesome people and you can only really have meaningful relationships with one of them. That sucks to me.

I'd rather construct a situation where I could have those 5 meaningful relationships in a way that "added value" (sorry about being a mathematical nerd about it) to everyone involved.

People's lives are constantly in flux. For example, a monogamous relationship is currently the best model for me and my goals. There may come another time in my life when I travel regularly (seminars and whatnot) and I'd like to enjoy the company of people I meet while traveling. Perhaps there would be a partner that traveled with me and I shared the experience with them.

THEN, there may come a time when I settle (in my house on a lake) and live like a monk when no one wants to be there and live like a... rockstar? when the timing and situation encourages 5 people to be there.

There are how many billion people in the world? I'm certain there would always be some spiritual bodies that would like to hang out at my place, do tai chi and play go, do art and play video games. SHIT! Do you guys know of a chick offering a similar situation to guys?! I'll fucking move! lol *clear throat* :|

I think the sex thing is what throws so many people off. The situation isn't about the sex. It's about community. If I had different energies about me dudes would be welcome too! It's just that, I'm not paying for a place on the lake and having a dude live there! lol Wait wait... serious face... :|

I'd probably be OK with dudes staying there too. As long as everything is kept drama free and I get to focus on "my work."

I'm saying 5 but, looking at the state of things in the world today, I wouldn't be surprised if I had to buy the houses next door so I could increase capacity. :|


Anyhow, it was just a dream for fun. I wouldn't even attempt something like that until my pockets are REALLY deep otherwise I don't think it would be worth the time/effort.
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