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Default Advice.."My wife doesn't feel THAT way about me"

So my wife says to me, "I don't feel THAT way for you". I asked her what she meant and she said she loves me but does not feel physically attracted to me. Meaning I do not arouse her sexually.

How do I handle this? I know it can be for a variety of reasons:
  • Been together 20 years
  • Sex with someone new
  • I have been having some ED problems
  • Hard getting over the emotional pain I caused her during our marriage
  • Difficulty getting over the hurt of me falling in love with someone else

Obviously I am doing something wrong emotionally. She has been unattracted to me in that way for a long time she says due to our fading relationship over the years. However we have gotten much better and she agrees. Our marriage is great now and we are looking forward to the future.

I am really torn up by this. Is this a sign she has lost her love for me although she says that's not the case? or will this just take time? or perhaps is she just not cut out for polyamory?

Any advice would help. Thanks

On a side note I am not bad looking. I am in good shape. Athletic and good looking. I am constantly getting flirts from other women (even married). One even told a table of women where my wife was sitting that she wanted to have sex with me.

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