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Just wanted to check in. It's nice to post when things are positive

The weekend was really nice. Low-key for sure, and lots of relaxing. But also we got to get out and do some things together, and had time for a little chatting on all things important.

We ended up geocaching on Saturday (something we used to do a long long time ago after I read about it somewhere, LOL), which was nice. (Google it if you don't know what it is!) It got us (and the pup) out of the house and hiking all over our nearby lake for about 3 hours. Wow, do my calves hurt! I think hubs was impressed though because I kept up a lot more than I used to before he left (so last year decemberish). I'm in a lot better health, and also in better shape--yoga will do that to you! Anyway, the hills were kinda fun, though my lungs still don't love that! Found a few things, and took some pics, pupper got a great workout!

Watched some movies, and hung out. Also got some time to do our own things, hubs was working on the computer and playing a bit online and I read for a while (Reading the Game of Thrones series), and napped.

Did get to talk a bit about scheduling-- more importantly about focus. I don't need a lot of time, but what time I do have with him for us I do need him to be there fully. That's hard enough with his ADHD wired brain which goes all over the place anyway, LOL, and it's been impossible lately. So we're working on it. Baby steps anyway.

We also talked about how he needs some time for himself, to just wander off with the pupper and his camera or go riding on his bike or whatever. He needs some quiet time to recharge, so hopefully he'll start taking more of that.

There actually wasn't THAT much relationship talk, LOL, maybe 15 minutes, mostly we just hung out.

We had also talked a while back about doing something fun together like learning Italian-- we want to go to Italy sometime in the next couple of years-- and so he got the Rosetta Stone all together and on both of our computers so last night we hung in the bedroom, both working on the first section of italian. LOL... it's sort of doing someting together, but separate! Though we're trying to stay on the same section so we can practice a bit here and there. The hope is that as we improve we can start speaking it to each other and keep up the usage. Plus it's sexy.

I'm back to school today, so up at 5 (blyeah), and full day ahead. Won't be home until 9:30 or 10 after school lets out. I only have two more months, I can do this!! Well, then I have my practicum in march, but that'll be using my skills somewhere so not quite the same...

And I've also been listening to a lot of Tara Brach's audiotalks. I like to listen to at least one in the morning at work, it seems to help me get into a better, calmer, more open-hearted mindset for the day. Just sets my intention to be more aware and in the moment. Or at least attempt.
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