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Geez, if this ( gossip becoming someones way of 'upholding' ethical non-monogamy ) ever becomes the norm, nobody is EVER going to tell me the secret handshake.
So, careful who you shame. Be careful who you feel isn`t holding up to your personal, ethical standards.
It is a slippery slope deciding who is a lying scumbag, and who isn`t holding up your own personal truths.

- If someone says 'Owhh I think _____ is dreamy ! What do you think ?'
Tell them you think he`s a lying idiot. Maybe with tact, if you aren`t a fan of fireworks. This is a opinion. Just expect to deal with people who don`t like your opinion.

- If you corner a person and tell them you think what they are doing is unethical, or they are with someone unethical, then this is unsolicited advice. Sometimes useful, sometimes not. Also, expect some probability of fireworks.

- If you simply SEE someone engaging with someone you don`t like, ( or even worse, tell something based on hearsay ) and you mention it to a friend of their`s, hoping it will get back to them,...this is gossip. This is a good way to have people stop trusting you, and losing respect for you.

The subject does not matter. It does not matter if you are the little old lady down the road, condemning people for not following the path of the christian bible, or a woman in the new-age condemning people for not following the 'bible' of ethical non-monogamy.

It`s all in the delivery. Regardless, you take responsibility for your actions, because you are basing things off your own, personal truths.
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