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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
"I would imagine that the polyamorous lifestyle would be a tad easier to pull off with deeper pockets."

Definitely, in the sort of the scenario you described above where one man provides for multiple women who shop all day. But in most real-life scenarios where multiple polys live together, everyone provides for the solvency of the whole whether with jobs or with childcare (which is *expensive* if you have to pay an outside person to do it) and it seems to me like it'd actually be cheaper to maintain a household that way.
I'm not sure if when you mean 'deeper pockets' that the ladies wouldn't be working? Not sure if I'm interpreting that correctly.

My experience has been similar to what AnnabelMore is talking about. In my group of loves, we all work, and we all contribute monetarily to our activities, so everything is actually a lot more affordable. Say we have a dinner planned, we all purchase a piece of said dinner, so no one else has to shoulder all the expense. When we live together in the near future, we'll be able to afford something much larger and nicer than we would as individuals or couples because we'll all be contributing.
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